Tell me about a time you had to figure out a computer-related issue

This question shows employers how you work through technology-related problems. This is an especially important skill to have when applying to an information technology role. When answering this question, use the STAR method. First, start by describing the situation and tasks you needed to complete. Then, explain what actions you took and what the results are. Make sure to focus on how you were able to solve this situation on your own.get into pc

Example: “When working as an IT technician, I had a client come to me with a strange computer issue. He said that all of his file names were somehow changed around. I thought, ‘Wow, this is strange.’ Luckily, I am a part of numerous computer forums and found out that this was due to a brand-new computer virus. Shortly after discovering this, I was able to remove the virus, install cybersecurity software and recover his original file names.”

Computer Features

The most important aspect of a computer are the specifications. The hardware will determine what your computer is capable of. Let’s get into what makes a computer compute.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The central processing unit (CPU) is the brain of the computer. This tells all the other parts what to do and how to do it. There are different manufacturers that make CPU’s. The big names are Intel, AMD and Apple makes their own in-house. When it comes to figuring out which CPU you want, you want to figure out what you’re using your computer for. If you’re a gamer or creative and need to run heavy applications, you’ll need an intensive CPU with a lot of cores, threads, and GHz. The more powerful your CPU, the more powerful applications you can run. If you’re a casual user, then you won’t need the best of the best.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is responsible for the quality of visuals on your computer. This is incredibly important if you are a gamer. These are measured by a multitude of ways, but the most important spec to keep in mind is the GB. The more GB built into the GPU, the more processing power it has for big applications. If you plan on playing a big game like the new Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need a pretty strong card. This is also important depending on what gaming monitor you are using. Certain GPU’s can’t output to 2K or 4K, make sure your GPU is compatible with your monitor. Keep in mind a GPU can also have a big effect on 3D design, and animation work.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Random access memory (RAM) is what allows the computer to multitask and open applications. When performing computer tasks, the RAM allows the user to load, run and switch between them seamlessly. The more RAM you have, the quicker applications will load and run. RAM is important for games, editing, and general use. A good average amount of RAM for any computer is 8GB. If you’re a gamer and run a ton of applications, I would recommend nothing less than 16GB.


Storage is what allows users to save their files locally on the computer. It also holds the operating system needing to run everything. Most users save their files on Cloud software in case something happens to their drive. If you have multiple large files, then a bigger storage device is needed. There are two different external storage options: hard drive (HDD) or a solid state drive (SSD). The main difference is a hard drive will be cheaper, but not as fast or future-proof. A solid state drive will be more expensive, fast, and safer to store your information. It is usually recommended to save the operating system on a SSD as your computer load times will be faster. I have a 3TB HDD in my computer alongside three 250GB SSD.


Ports are important, especially if you have a lot of peripherals. Find out if you need USB-A or USB-C ports. Also determine how many HDMI or DisplayPorts you will need for external monitors. A laptop will not have as many ports as a desktop. Some laptops come with SD card slots, which are important for filmmakers and photographers. I always make sure my laptops have an HDMI port so I can plug in another monitor while working.

Webcam and Microphone

webcam and microphone are essential now with many people working from home. With a desktop computer, you’ll have to buy these both separately. They are typically included in a laptop, but make sure to test both out to see the quality. I wouldn’t get any webcam that is lower than 1080p resolution.

External Hard Drives & Solid State Drives

Laptops have limited storage space, and it’s not accessible to modify once you purchase it. That’s where external hard drives and solid state drives come in. Having an external drive allows you to organize and save more files. They also give you portability when wanting to bring your files with you. If you work in multiple different locations and don’t use a Cloud-based service, then an external drive will make things easier for you. Plus, it gives you a place to save your files that you still want to have in your life, but don’t need to be readily available on your computer.

There are a few more accessories that come into play with computers such as speakers, port adapters, headphones, and more. These are all determined based on your needs. A desktop won’t have speakers included, but a laptop will. Port adapters are incredibly helpful if you have numerous peripherals you need to plug in and a limited number of ports.


Understanding your needs is the first step when you choose a computer. Determine if you need a computer for speed and power versus a computer for leisure and casual use. A laptop will give you a versatile, travel-friendly option that a desktop can’t replicate. A desktop will give you more power and the option for customization and upgrading. Tie in all the specs and which operating system you want. Above all, have fun when you choose a computer you need. It’s an exciting purchase that will stay with you for years.