4 Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser Rules to Know Before You Plan!

If you’re looking to make a little extra cash, set up a concession stand to sell soda and snacks to your guests. All you’ll need to do is auction off an hour of the workday for one lucky employee to take a nap in a quiet part of the office. One thing that bookworms love almost as much as reading books is talking about books. Stimulate your supporters’ love of books, storytelling, and community by hosting a monthly book club. You could read books that relate to your organization’s cause, or leave the book selections up to club members. Give your supporters a chance to learn about topics related to your cause by hosting a virtual lecture series.
If this is the case, you can host a hospital breakfast and invite members of the community to come out and support your loved one. Supporters will get a kick out of the event, while raising money for your cause. Get started by setting up a physical store or booth or selling your pieces in an online storefront. Hosting a benefit concert can be an excellent way to bring your community together to support an organization or cause.
Social media is an important component of a modern nonprofit’s fundraising strategy. Fill a jar with (affordable) items – usually candies – and ask participants to guess how many are inside. The smaller the items are and the bigger the jar, the more difficult it becomes to guess and the more funds you can raise. In addition to being quick to organize, this fundraising idea is environmentally friendly.
A 50/50 raffle may be better if your fire department hosts a significant fundraising event. During a 50/50 raffle, participants purchase tickets to enter the raffle. If the number on their ticket is selected, the participant wins 50% of the money raised throughout the fundraiser. This is a great fundraising option because it is easy, and many people are already familiar with it. If your fire department has no fundraising events on the calendar, you can use an online raffle to donate away. Regardless of how you host the raffle, you can sell tickets and promote the raffle online.
Fundraising thermometers an effective tool to motivate donors to give. Your early risers are probably hankering for a hot cup of joe on Sunday mornings. They likely also wouldn’t say no to a homemade muffin or scone. Assemble your coffee and muffin stand right outside of the service to catch congregants before or after church. You’ll need your technology in place before the auction so you can run the entire silent auction from the first donation to the last receipt and all the bidding in between. Also consider alternate giving methods so everyone is able to contribute, whether they win the auction or not.
Experience and holiday prizes, hampers, gift cards, and high-value items are all favorites for a silent auction. Candy fundraising is when an organization or group sells bulk candy to businesses, schools, and other organizations to resell and make a profit. Candy fundraisers are great for schools and organizations that want to raise money for special projects, equipment, or field trips.
An angel festival is the perfect fundraising event for churches, but other organizations can host them too. Have your supporters create angels using whatever materials they wish—recycled trash, soap, clay, etc. Through a trusted online shopping fundraising platform like ShopRaise, all your supporters have to do is shop at their favorite stores and make their regular purchases. To get started with a cookie dough fundraiser, mobilize your staff or volunteers to start taking orders either online or in-person. Make sure you have a plan for distributing the dough once it’s delivered! To make this fundraiser extra fun, you could even host a cookie baking and tasty party at a local school or church, during which you can hand out orders and chat with your supporters.
Even though galas require a lot of planning and prospect research, your nonprofit has the opportunity to raise a lot of funds with this formal event. Plus, it will give you the chance to interact with major donors and thank them for all their contributions so far. A fantastic playlist will be critical to the success of your party, so make sure you have all of the greatest hits of the 80’s! You can also incorporate activities like a moon-walking contest, a Rubik’s cube contest, or 80’s pop culture trivia. To boost your fundraising, try hosting a silent auction on the side or charging a little extra for drinks and desserts. An 80’s themed party is a great excuse for your supporters to get dressed up and feel nostalgic about decades gone by.
Promote sustainability and being thrifty by organizing ‘swaps’. These are commonly organized for clothes, but other items like books and accessories can be swapped too. This fundraising idea is not only quick to put together but is also incredibly versatile and customizable. One of the best Fundraising ideas for COVID-19 is the 10-minute fundraiser. This is a mobile-friendly fundraiser where groups leverage their own personal networks of support. A scavenger hunt fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your cause in a fun and unique manner.
Read on to learn more about some of the best candy fundraising ideas for your next school or group event. Hold a dance-a-thon and ask participants to collect pledges or pay an admission fee. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas and offer prizes for the dancer who can last the longest on their feet. Invite local DJs to spin and hire a photographer to capture the night’s events. Charity street art events—often called “paint jams”—are one of the most unique fundraisers you can host.